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Default Got Kodak EasyShare cradle: Worth buying another charger?

I have a Kodak DX4900 with a cradle and I must say that the battery life of the Nimh batteries that came with it is rather on the disappointing side.

I definitely need 1800Mah or 2000Mah batteries. One question though, do I need to get a charger with them? After all, the Easyshare docking station is a Nimh charger itself.

Also, Kodak announces about 2.5 hours to charge the batteries (probably less powerful though) so the Easyshare cradle seems to be a reasonably fast charger.

Rather than go for 4 x 1800Mah + 4 x 2000 Mah + Charger for 16, I could go for 8 x 2000 Mah for 11.50 and charge them in the cradle, right?



Anyone knows whether the Easyshare charger has any obvious downsides?

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Another 7dayshop user

I'd go for the charger/battery combo, I bought a few of the DX3700's (Kodak web offer ) for friends and they find the cradle doesn't fully charge the 2000mAh batteries, battery indicator on the camera never shows fully charged. The Panasonic 2000's are excellent don't forget to cycle them a few times to get maximum capacity out of them.

p.s. If you don't know already I would suggest looking here for CF memory,


This gives you 15% discount and gets you 256Mb for about 62 with free next day delivery
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Hiya Phaedra,

Thanks for the reply.

Looking around, I found this interesting FAQ on chargers: http://www.digibattery.co.uk/nimh_charger_faqs.html

The description in the manual of the EasyShare docking station suggests it is microprocessor controlled. Great when you need a quick charge. Too bad you discovered it can't cope with 2000 Mah batteries though. :?

So I guess getting the charger + batteries pack should be a good solution.

Thanks a lot for the CF memory link. It should come in handy very quickly (I cannibalised the memory from my Pocket PC. No more MP3's).

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Virtually every fast charger is microprocessor controlled.

Bigger batteries usually mean the microprocessor takes proportionately longer to switch off the charger. As has been said, most new batteries need a couple of charge/discharge cycles to store their rated capacity. And all lose about 25% of their capacity a few days after being charged and left standing!
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