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That lacross charger looks good for $35. ill have to pick one of thsoe up. I like all the stuff it does for that price you cant beat it.

I kinda like the idea of knowing whats going on with the batteries. Seems cheap for all the adjustments and stuff its got.

As much as a pack of NIMH batteries cost its dumb not to get somthing that maintains them properly.

I may be wrong but i would bet there are otehr brands we never heard of that beat the top of the line energizer and duracell NIMH. I bet sanyo makes them for hobby supply shops that smoke what we can get on the shelf at walmart.
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pianoplayer88key wrote:
an on-demand conditioner - I press a button, and it discharges the batteries until FULLY depleted (<0.001 volts at <0.001 mA) then charges them.
You mean battery killer switch, there's reason why you won't find any charger which would discharge battieries even to under 1V

And NiMHs apparently don't like slower charging current, at least Panasonic won't recommend slow charging.
And why anyone would need slow charging when intelligent chargers change to very low current trickle charge for topping batteries.
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One of these?



the Hun

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