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My local support hot line expert recommended that I remove the battery from the camera even for short periods of disuse in order to avoid the loss due to a trickle load on the battery EVEN WHEN TURNED OFF.

He explained that the internal rechargeable backup battery is sufficient to keep the date and time for a while and will recharge from the main battery at first opportunity. This internal backup battery is likely to last many years even with many discharge/charge cylces.

I appreciate the point that this will minimise the number of recharge cylces required for the main LI-Ion battery but there are two disadvantages as follows:

1. it is time consuming to remove a good battery unnecessarily;

2. the proposed management system will entail an increase in the number of battery compartment hatch openings and closings. I would expect the hinge on this to be the first casualty of wear and tear.

Opening the hatch will also allow dirt in.

Any thoughts?
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Your expert has a very valid point.................if you want to maximize the life span of your battery. But let's be honest, how much more time will it give and at what cost ? As you pointed out, wear and tear on the hinge, possible contamination of the compartment although I doubt that would really be a problem. But the most important reason ?Frustration and lots of if you forget to fit the battery before you go out to shoot and THE shot is waiting to be taken.

If we wanted to make sure that everything lasted as long as it should we would do that and we would leave the lens cap on at all times, missing the shot. We would keep the camera in it's bag to safeguard it, missing the shot. We wouldn't take the memory card out to preserve thepins,and once filled, miss the next shot. We would try not to press the shutter release so much so we don't wear it out, missing the shot.

I'm not being sarcastic, just saying I'm not worried about it and neither should you or anyone else be. Leaving the battery in should cause no harm at all, unless it's left in the camera unused for months at a time.

Unless someone knows better, whereupon I would stand corrected.


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