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Default NiMH Battery Life Survey


i'd like to conduct a qucik survey on NiMH battery life, hope everone can participate! please follow the format below:

Brand and Model
Power Supply Spec

Brand and Model

how many shots can you take before the batteries run out?
consecutively or over a certain length of time?
at what resolution?
flash light?
LCD on?
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okay, i will start

Olympus D-40Z
2 x AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

Energizer NH15-AA
rechargeable NiMH, AA, 1.2V, 1700mAh

10 consecutive shots @ 2272x1704 all w/ flash, all w/ LCD on
(resting period of 5 min required after 5 shots to resume operation)
60 consecutive shots @ 2272x1704 all w/o flash, all w/ LCD on
(resting period of 3 min required after 30 shots to resume operation)
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This is an area where "your mileage may vary" applies. Here's what I found out using my E-10 and Sanyo 1600mAh AA's:

1 - 684 pictures and five CF formats (couldn't fit everything into 305MB). Used the burst mode (all 4mp res), focus locked in manual mode, no lcd, no flash, same subject 684 times over :lol: Around 70 degrees fahrenheit indoors (~21 celcius).

2 - 212 pictures at an autocross event (all 1.3mp res), most were taken with the burst mode again, some lcd reviewing, used the autofocus a lot but also manually focused on many shots, no flash, high ambient temperature 90F (32C).

3 - 23 pictures at Shoshone National Forest (all 4mp res), 10,947ft above sea level, ambient temperature around 30F (-1C), bear country (that means grisly bears live there), autofocus only, no reviewing on lcd monitor, no flash.

As you can see NiMH performance varies greatly, but nothing bothers me more than batteries whimping out before the photographer does :lol: Cold temperatures are NiMH's enemy number one! Even if you keep your camera and batteries in a warm place just prior to going into a cold environment, eventually they will get cold and you will be left scrambling for another power source. That's my experience so far. They work great in warm to hot days, but pretty much suck in the cold. Now I use a Li-Ion external battery pack and I'm happy beyond words! :lol: They just don't quit in the cold, and power loss during inactivity is lower than NiMH's.
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Default Battery Review


Sorry, this is out of format requested, but it is a very useful link on the topic.....


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