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Hi again everyone;

Another post regarding recent purchase of Nikon CP 8800....

I spend a decent amount of time out in the field; hiking/ backpacking, etc. in remote locations without access to a charger, etc. for several days at a time.

I am trying to figure out which is the best option for me-

1) buy several OEM EN-EL7 Lithium-Ion (7.4v 1100mAh) batteries

2) buy the Nikon battery pack which allows the use of AA batteries of various sorts:


In the past on similar backcountry trips, with my previous Lumix FZ-10, I carried 1 OEM battery and two lesser quality replacement batteries, whichin spite of having two poorer quality batteries, wound up supplyingenough power for 4 days of intensive shooting, deleting, reviewing, etc. Additionally, I wound up loaning one of the knock-off batteries to a buddy whose device used the same type battery.

The OEM-type batteries have the advantage of being relatively small, light, and easy to carry. This is of import when the sum of all your gear for 4-5 days is 35 lbs.

Do any of you see any distinct advantages to someone like myself in using the Nikon battery pack above? Ultimately, I am unsure I really see any benefits in having it, other than it 'looks cool'.

Again, thanks for tolerating my newbie question and thanks for looking!
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