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Default Battery life!!!

I have a Nikon Coolpix 800. I am using NEXcall Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery. The batteries die so fast!!! I can only take about 50 pictures before they die. I store them in the camera when I put the camera away. Should I not do this? I always have spare in the charger. Is it alright to leave batteries in charger, even though they are charged. Is one battery brand better than another?
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That is the toughest question in digital camera land to answer - battery life...

The reason is because no two people use a digicam the same way. Some use the color LCD all the time and others use it as little as possible. Just as importantly is the number of pictures you take indoors using the flash. Ever notice how long it takes for the camera to recycle the flash?

And not to discount continuous auto focus, most Nikon Coolpix cameras are focusing all the time when the color LCD is turned on - this uses a lot of power.

Nexcell NiMH are very good and a great value, often 25-35% less expensive than other brand name batteries for the same capacity. Buy the highest rated NiMH you can get which is now 1800mAH, charge them just before use and don't let them just sit in the camera for long periods of time. Nikon cameras use a little power from the main batteries to charge an internal battery which maintains the time and date and settings.

Be sure the charger you use is "smart," it should keep from over-charging the cells by watching both the cell temperature and the Delta-V voltage. One of my personal favorites is the Maha C-204F, it is relatively inexpensive, versatile (AC or DC) and quite smart.

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Steve, thank you for your reply. I do have the C-204F charger you recommended. I guess I would be better off not using the LCD so much. I will try your suggestions. One thing, should I leave the batteries in the camera when not in use, and charge them before going out to take pictres.
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Default Batteries

Being an old 35mm shooter always use to take 2-3 shoots instead of 1. found out alot that #2 or 3 would be the better. When I switched to Dig I stayed clear of the LCD and used the battery power for extra shots, the really super shots you get not that offten is increased by how many shots you take. With memory cards so cheap and battery power so vital I tend to use the LCD for setting changes and shoot alot. Also my understanding is that battery total death is somewhat related to # of recharges.
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Gary, thank you for your reply.
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Default Batteries and Home Made External Pack

I use Radio shack 1500mh & 1600mh AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries with a Radio shack 8 cell charger # 23-422 and they work great with my camera and flash.
If you would like to make your own external battery pack that will last more than 600 shots or 15hrs+ with the LCD on you can. You can use Nicd or MAHA which ever you prefer using at least 1700 - 3000 mh cells. you'll never need to carry around a bunch of AA's again.
I've shot 128mb + 64mb + 48mb + 16mb in a day using LCD with camera powered most of the time walking around still had power.
I use my own home made external batteries on both my 990 Nikon and Kodak 260 never need to replace internals during any shoots. If you would like info go http://www.jtgraphics.net/all_digital.htm and email me I'll be glad to send you details.

Have fun JTGraphics
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Default Digital Camera Battery

Dimage 7i
HS5600D strobe
Digital Camera Battery 30 Watt
Cables for both camera and strobe off of 1 battery
approx 750 shots w/50% flash. a lot of lcd reviews too. probably more but finally put on charge because the amber light finally came on.
it's a killer battery system. minimal bulk. definite positive power when you need it. bring 1 set of nimh cells for paranoia sake
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I have a Nikon 990 and recently I bought the new iPowerUS 2100 mAh AAs ( I think they are the most powerful available) and I was able to take between 400 ~ 500 pictures for each charge, depending on how much flash I use. And the charger came with the package is great too. Full charge in less than 3 hours.
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