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I was at Wally world earlier and I was looking at rechargeables. I think I like the folding compact rechargable charger that comes with 4 aa's that are 2500 mAh.

I came to Steve's DigiCams to find a review, There isn't one of that charger or the batteries. So i came to you guys.

Have you heard about these? Also will the charger charge batteries that are a different brand?

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I bought this same package a while back (at Sam's Club for about$19.99) and it's worked well, although I have sinceupgraded the charger.

The Energizer rechargeable cells are very good (actually made by Sanyo, the industry leader in NiMH rechargeables)

The charger is not the best, by any means, but it does the job of charging the batteries and doesn't cost much. It charges the batteries on two channels (vs all 4 cells seperately) and uses a slow-charge, timer based system. It will take somewhere around 8+ hours to charge the cells, and it's not designed to charge cells over 2500mA (the manual it comes with will tell you this info). You must charge either 2 or 4 cells at a time, but I'm guessing this is how you would use it.

However, not a bad package at all for around $20!

You'll be pleasantly suprised how long these batteries will last on a charge (after a few initial cycles) and how much money you will save in a hurry using these rechargeables!


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I got the Energizer 1 hr fast charger and an 8 pack of the 2500 at Walmart and am quite pleased with both of them, especially the price. Open the battery package carefully and you have a nice storage box for the batteries. Remove the carboard first, don't do the usual step of cutting the plastic first.

I recharge all my NiMH batteries with the fast charger but they get quite hot at the end. The charge has 4 separate channels, one for each battery. Usually they aren't fully discharged so in less than 1/2 hour, my batteries are topped up. Some batteries don't like a particular channel so try an other slot then switch to a slower charger.

I have marked my batteries with a paint pen so I know what capacity they are.
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