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I recently bought some rechargeable CRV3 Li-Ion batteries to use in my Kodak Z740 camera (a real gem of a camera, by the way). I was told that the printer/camera dock recharges Li-Ion batteries. Not so. Step 2: In my research about CRV3 batteries I ran across RCRV3 batteries, which are promoted as interchangeable with CRV3 batteries, so I went ahead and bought a RCRV3 charger and battery package, thinking that this charger would also recharge my CRV3 batteries. Not so. Now I need to buy a charger for my CRV3 batteries. Now I have 2 sets of batteries and 2 chargers. Moral of the story: Buy the one or the other kind and its proper charger.
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CR-V3 batteries ARE NOT RECHARGEABLE and may explode if you try to do so!

Only RCR-V3 batteries are rechargeable (That's what the first "R" stands for).
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As jola stated, the normal CRV3 type batteries are one-use only, you cannot recharge them. Most of the RCRV3 chargers will not accept non-rechargeable type batteries or have a circuit to protect and prevent their use with the wrong batteries.

The Kodak printer docks and other Easyshare docks will only recharge the NiMH type battery packs that they come with or the proprietary Li-ion battery packs of certain Easyshare cameras like the DX7590. They will not charge RCRV3 type batteries, you must use the charger that is supplied with these batteries only.
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