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Hi, I know this is a digital camera forum but since this topic is about batteries...

Will NiMH rechargable batteries work with my Microsoft chordless mouse?

I heard somewhere that the new rechargable NiMHs don't exactly work in everything, is there any site out there that lists these such compliances?

I am looking towards the Energizer NiMH recharable set. 30 or 15minutes.

Thanks. Any help is good help at this point. =)
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They should work in almost all appliances which take AA sized cells.
There is a slight difference in voltage between the various types of batteries.

NiMH 1.25V
NiCd 1.2V
Alkaline 1.5V

As you can see the difference between them all is only 0.3V which is insignificant in most appliances. Infact alkaline cells don't stay at 1.5V for very long anyway, they rapidly drop to 1.3V (or something like that) after a short while anyway so for most of their operating life the difference is even less significant.
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You can run almost everything on NiMH cells. The best use is in appliences (such as digital cameras) that draw a lot of current and are used quite often. The only appliances that I wouldn't chose rechargeables are alarm clocks, remote controls and smoke alarms. These are very low drain devices that can be powered for a very long time on alkaline cells. Due totheir higher self-discharge NiMH are not so suitable for use in these, especially smoke alarms. Everything else should be OK.
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I now use NiMH batteries in everything. I purchased a while back a good size lot of generic AA's and AAA's off ebay and have over the past year switched out all of the devices that utilize these size cells to the NiMH's I have bought. Some of these devices include:

-Logitech cordless keyboard (4 AA's)and mouse (2 AA's)

-2 multi-LED flashlights (3AA's and 3AAA's)

-Almost every remote control I have (tv, vcr, dvd, receiver, xbox, a/c, fan)

-mp3 player

I even pulled out the 4 1600mAh NiMH AAbatteries out of a compact 4.8volt cordless screwdriver I have and replaced those with some 2400mAh models.

Considering on Ebay I paid just a tad over $1usd for eachbatteryit turned out to be a great deal when you look into the price of decent disposablebatteries.
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I've been using NiMH's in my Logitech mouse for quite awhile. My computer gets very heavy use, and two 2400's last about 3 weeks on a charge.

I also use them in touch-lights, FRS radios, VHF radios, a GPS, and a couple of remotes.

NOTE: I always keep enough alkalines on my boat to power the GPS and the VHF, just in case of emergencies - like the NiMH's have discharged too much to power them. I would never use NiMH's in a smoke or CO detector, due to the self-discharge.

the Hun
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