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Ok, after much research (probably a little too much), I'm finally going to be purchasing a Fuji S5100. Now I know this takes AA batteries, and from the research on this site I gather rechargeables are the way to go.

I seem to be reading alot about cycling, discharge, 2100 verses 2300,etc.

Can someone please just give me a quick beginner's guide to what I should be looking for in batteries as well as a charger.

My last camera was a sony handycam, so it just had a sony power pack and was charged while on the camera with a supplied cord. So I'm completely lost now.


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This is a great roundup of many options available. I have used the Maha 204w and powerex 2300 mAH batteries and am very, very happy with their life.

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Don't worry it's easy. Here is my recommendation.

1. Get some good quality cells. I recommend Sanyo 2300 or 2500 mAh cells. You may get the Energizer or Kodak ones, these are exactly the same cells made by Sanyo just rebranded.

2. Get some good charger thatcan dicharge/condition your cells. RipVan100.com has the LightningPack 4000N charger that can do that and according to reports recharges reasonably fast without overcharging the cells. they also have the Sanyo 2500 mAh industrial grade cells which IMO are the best on the market today.

The rest is trivial. Get the cells and the charger. Charge before and use. Once every 10 recharges or so engage the condition knob on the charger to discharge the cells fully before charging them.

Hope it helps.
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