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Default MH-C204F single battery question

so i got a new digcam (yay)(canon-a40) and next step is rechargable batteries. after looking over, i narrowed down to mh204, the newer maha, and rayovac 1hr. but i'm leaning towards mh204 because of price, conditioning feature, and a few more hours isn't that important to me. but the one thing holding me back is that the 204 model has to charge in sets of 2. my question is what happens if you used 1 battery and only need to recharge that 1 (if i used it in pager or something).

if you stick in used 1 battery with another battery at different charge will it overcharge the fresher battery? if you set to condition, will it drain both to same level and then recharge together?

thanks for any help.
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I would also like to know the true answer to your question.

I can report on my limited experience (sample size of 1).

I had one 1800 mAh AA battery out of a new set four that was quite flat right from the package (I assume from high self discharge). I put all four bats in the charger at the same time. The side of the charger that had the flat battery would not begin to charge at all. I then put the flat battery into a slow (time based charger) for few hours and returned it to the Maha 204. Now the side of the charger containing the 'flat' battery and its 'normal' but discharged companion began charging as usual. I felt both batteries from time to time during the charging cycle and neither felt excessively hot. This is obviously not a very scientific way to know if the 'good' battery was being over charged or not, but it is a data point.

Normally I like to keep my batteries in sets that are exposed to approximately the same discharge conditions.

As an aside, the MH C204F will charge AAA batteries in about an hour.

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The C-204F was designed to charge 2 or 4 batteries at a time and it is best if all the cells are equally discharged. Charging an almost depleted cell along with a fairly well charged cell will probably yield less than desirable results. For this I would recommend the newer and more expensive Maha C401FS charger as it has 4 independant chargers and handles each battery on its own.

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I find with my C-204F if batteries are not at same charge level that by recond/charge 3X puts em back on the same sheet of music.
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