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Default Ni-CD charger OK for Ni-MH?

Hello, I am wondering, I have a 2hour-rapid-charger made for Ni-CD battery, Is it OK to charge Ni-MH 1800mA with it?

1. It's not good to use? or
2. Just takes longer to charge Ni-MH? takes 2~3times longer?

I'v seen charger made for Ni-MH and that charge both without any switch for Ni-CD, is it bad?

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It's not good to use
At least the fast ones... Trickle chargers, ie slow ones, with very weak current overnighters are usually harmless for either types.

Newer NiMH battery chargers are designed to specifically charge NiMH and NiCD chemistries. However most of the older NiCD chargers were not designed to charge any other battery chemistries such as NiMH since they were unavailable at that time these chargers were designed. That is why many of the newer NiMH/NiCD chargers are capable of automatically charging both types, while others have a switch. There is more than just mA ratings involved when charging different battery chemistries (rate of charge, length of charge, type of charge. etc...) While it is true that some NiCD chargers can be used to charge NiMH batteries you must consider the following points if you decide to attempt to charge your NiMH batteries using an older NiCD charger.

1. Improper charging or using a charger that is not specifically designed to charge any rechargeable battery can cause their useful life to be shortened dramatically or in some cases actually damage them permanently. We have even had some individuals attempt to charge rechargeable alkaline batteries in some of our chargers and were surprised when they exploded.

2. Although a NiCD charger may seem to be charging NiMH batteries fine, this is not usually the case. NiMH chargers are specifically designed to prevent Hydrogen bubbles from forming on the battery plates and of course to charge them to their full potential.

Basically you should always use the type of charger recommended for your type of batteries.
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