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Default Battery or camera defect?

Just bought a new Vivitar 3735 3.3 megapixel and like it ok except am wondering if there could be a defect in the camera. It indicates sometimes a full battery when the battery is exausted. Also have removed them and my tester indicates they are just slightly used. Tried them in something else and the batteries would work fine. One time camera indicated full, took one picture, then empty. I realize that batteries can be eaten up quickly depending on how the camera is used. Vivitar will not reply to any of my email.
Just wondered if anyone had any input.
Thanks, Skip
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Are you talking about alkaline batteries? Under high current and 1/2 way through their capacity their voltage drop below the nominal required by the camera electronics, but still have plenty of life left for use in a flashlight or any mechanical toys!

Rechargeable NiMh however hold a constant 1.2V throughout their discharge curve and will meet the minimum voltage requirement of the camera electronics... Most camera indicator is not accurate and most users have found that by the time it shows 1/2 the batteries are already completely depleted! The Sony infolithium is the most accurate in this area (unless it goes out of whack)
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Default Batterys

Used the alkalines that came with the camera, then bought the NiMH 1800 rechargeables along with a Sakar ac/dc rapid charger which seems to work ok. The batteries seem to last about as long as the alkalines before running down. Am glad I did this as if I were using alkalines, would be throwing a lot away. Also costly. Thanks for the reply, Skip
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Ni-MH batteries, must be charged 3-4 times, before accepting a full charge state. They should outlast alkaline batteries.
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