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I was reading that 2500 mah AAs can only be recharged a max of 500 times and that <2500 mah and be recharged about 1000. If you were someone who didn't take a lot of photos and lost power in your batteries due to the slow drain over time, wouldn't you want a battery that could be recharged more often? Not sure if this is a valid conclusion or not....:cart:
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Way back when the 1600 mAH NiMH's were king, the advertisements stated that they could be recharged up to 1,000 times. Now advertisements are only claiming 500 times. I think the difference is with either capacity battery, the ability to retain a charge starts to diminish after about 500 charges. The 1600's could be recharged 1000 times, but the charge capacity would drop, until by the time you got to charge number 1000, the batteries would probably ony retain around 800 mAH. I believe the advertising has become a little more honest and realistic, now...500 charges and still maintains 90% of original capacity (or something like that).

All NiMH's self-discharge over time, and I believe they all discharge at about the same percentage regardless of capacity. Lets say you have two sets of batteries, which have sat around long enough to self-discharge 50%. Which would you rather use in your camera...a set of 2500's which is now down to 1250 mAH, or a set of 1600's which are now down to 800 mAH?

If you recharge your batteries once a month (which is more often than I charge mine), and your batteries last for 500 charges, they will last over 40 years. I think by then the technology may have improved some, and better batteries will be available.

the Hun
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I still use 1600 and 1700 mAh Sanyo cells as well as 2500 mAh ones. What I've found is that in the same charger (read the same charging current) the new high capacity cells heat up more. Higher capacity means that more active material has to be packed into the cell, which reduces its ability to absorb overcharge. I believe that the older cells will have longer cycle life. Nevertheless, given the low prices I would buy high capacity ones
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Considering the cost is usually only $12-15 for a set of four - who reallycares

We swap batteries as often as we swap our cameras, maybe more often ...
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Hello Photo Gump,

I believe Steve's approach is the most practical one, however...

If you are somewhat interested it what happens to your cells as they go through cycles, check this out. http://www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-36.htm

When you scroll down to the NiMh section, you will see how the cell that was being tested at the time performs. The manufacturers are working hard to flatten the curves to mimic the Li-Ion chart.

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