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Default What battery charger is best?

We just got our first digital camera, an Olympus 2040. We need to get a battery charger. We will be taking some pictures in hockey arenas. Does that drain the battery faster? I think we want a short time charger, but I don't know if the charge lasts as long as with a charger that takes longer to charge. Also can you recharge the batteries before they are dead or can you recharge them before you plan to use the camera no matter what condition the charge is in?
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Maha C-204F is best bang for the least buck:


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Also check the Rayovac 1 hr charger. $29 at WalMart. Will charge in one hour or less. Yes you can charge partially depleted batteries, they will charge quicker. It can also charge batteries individually. Some charger require that you charge in pairs. I believe the charger now comes with the car adapter which would allow you to recharge a set in the car while using another set. I made my own car cord since they didn't include it at the time. I have 16 NiMH AA batteries and have not had one go bad yet. I don't think the speed of a charge will affect the duration of the charge. I always charge my batteries whenever I take the camera out of the house. That's one advantage of a fast charger, last minute charge, or take it in the car and charge on the way. Walmart also has decent prices on batteries, but you can find them on the internet cheaper.
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I think the Maha or Rayvac chargers would make excellent choices. I have the Maha charger and it does a great job.
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I have the Maha MH-C401FS and am very pleased with it.
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Only NiMH bats can be recharged without discharging. NiCd are too low in capacity and need discharging first.

When I chose my charger I made sure it had a separate mains adaptor so it didn't contribute to the bats getting warm consequently when my bats get warm I know they're charged and the charger has done its job.

Sometimes they trip before the cells are fully charged especially with new or knackered cells so when they're warm I know the jobs done. If it trips and the bats are still cold start it again.

Decent chargers work by monitoring the voltage. As the cells (each one is really a cell not a battery) the voltage rises and when they are full the voltage starts to drop, the charger detects this and trips to trickle. That's why you see this on the charger -Δv.
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