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I have a Sony DSC-70 digital camera, with a Sony NP-FM50 InfoLithium rechargeable battery. The battery is 5 years old, and doesn't seem to last very long on a full charge any more (e.g. I start with an estimated 156 mins left, then 20photos later without flash and the 'battery empty' warning appears).

I assume that the battery is at the end of its workinglife and needs replacing, although I don't know how many times you're supposed to be able to recharge LiIon batteries before they wear out.

Sony batteries seem to be way more expensive than others thatclaim to becompatible. Can anyone tell me if the Sony batteries are worth the extra money, or recommend any particular compatible batteries?

Any helpor advice would begreatly appreciated.
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Hello Fluffy,

The bad news is that Li-Ion chemistry begins ageing from the moment it is manufactured. This means that if you were to purchase a brand new battery, charge it up and let it sit on the shelf never using it, you would see the same results in 3-4 years. The fact that your battery lasted 5 years could be a statement as to the quality of the Sony cells used in the battery.

Sony batteries are high quality and deliver their rated capacity. Some compatiblescan begood and some not so good... Who knows, there may even be some that are better. I have not done testing in this area. Sorry, I can't help you beyond that.

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I have used off brand ebay li ion packs in my canon pro 1 with good results, as backup packs mostly. but they have the same or better capacity than the canon pack that came with the camera. i got 2 for around 20 bucks, cant beat that even if they only last a couple years. and so far there working well after 10 months.
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Thanks for replying guys!

Tom's message encouraged me to try a non-branded battery. I got mine from eBay too (for £9.50 here in the UK). It does seem to last an awfully long time between charges and sinceI can afford to replace it 5 times for the cost of a single Sony battery, it definitely seems worth the risk.

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