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Default Lithium and NiMH Rechargables

Stupid question:

I have numerous sets of NiMH AA's, most recently a couple sets of the new 2000mah Maha's that I use with my 5050 and external flash - I also have the stock and 3rd party rechargable Lithium battery pack for my Canon S230. The rechargable Lithium power packs seem to perform better on a size vs. mah basis though admittedly more expensive.

How come you don't see rechargeable lithium AA's?
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A lithium cell produces 3 volts. It is difficult to produce a 1.5 volt lithium. This is why the CR-3V lithium battery replaces two AA's.
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Also from what I understand, LiIon cells of any type are tightly controlled by the government. I had looked into getting a custom pack produced for my 5700 but it's actually a good bit of work.. A custom charger has to be made for the pack, etc etc.

If you're curious, check out your local Batteries Plus store. They can give you some more info on it.
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