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I'm just about to head out on a 3-week backpacking trip with my Canon A510. Since the opportunities to recharge batteries will be slim to none, I decided to try out a pair of Energizer e2 lithium AA non-rechargeables.

All I can say is, wow! I've gotten over 500 shots out of them so far and they're still going strong. I just can't believe it. Also, they're noticeably lighter than my rechargeables. They seem to be perfect for backpacking.
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I keep a set of those as a backup in case I run my 2 sets of rechargeables out (hasn't happened yet). The shelf life is something like 5 years, too.
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The advertised shelf life of the disposable lithiums is ten years - longer than the expected life of your camera. They are also much better in cold weather (below 0F [-18C])
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I have a pair of these batteries in a Panasonic LZ2 that I keep in my car.* The car stays out in the cold all day (I live in Alaska).* I always have a functioning camera in any temperature without having to recharge the batteries.**Daniel T is correct about the high number of shots you get with these.* I am still using my first pair which I installed in late October.* I've taken over 1000 shots and they still register FULL CHARGE on the camera.* I have no idea how many shots they will take.* NiMH would deliver about 500 shots with this camera.**According to the expiration date on the label they have incredibly long shelf life:* Good until 2019!* That makes them perfect for use in a flash attachment.* My Sunpak 383 uses four.* If they last 7x alkaline batteries (as advertised), they will last 2,000 flashes before you need to replace them.* At the rate I use the flash, I'll be dead before the batteries are.*The drawback is the price of course.**
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