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Default Carrying Batteries

Carrying batteries around loose in pocket , purse or camera bag spells disaster!
Here's a 29 cent solution. I bought 2 little change purses, one for charged batteries and one for discharged batteries.
They prevent battery terminals contacting anything metal.
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I just want to emphasize that even little AA or AAA type batteries can be incredibly dangerous if mishandled. People tend to think that a little battery is not dangerous but if these things are shorted out they can cause a fire in a heartbeat. Granted it isn't that easy to short the "+" and "-" end of a battery but when carried in your pocket with some keys or other metallic things - you never know.

I've heard stories of people getting 2nd or 3rd degree burns from a shorted out battery in their pocket. Today's high-power NiMH type batteries pack almost 2 amps of juice in a AA size battery so use a little common sense when you carry these things around.

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... Also, for smokers:
don't ever have a disposable gas lighter in the same pocket!
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I use the battery holders from Thomas distributing:

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