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Afterless thantwo days of use the La Crosse BC-900 stopped working. Now it is stuck on the version number display.

I've tried cycling the power, changing the outlet, using different batteries all to no avail.

I've read of some trouble with this charger but figured it was people complaining, but apparently this charger has some real issues that need to be worked out even after 32 versions.

Sorry but I'm really annoyed that a $50 charger crapped out on me so soon. I'll be calling La Crosse monday morning.
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Hello Eric,

Bummer... It seems that from time to time a bad on gets out. From what I have observed, the next 80-90 people should not have a problem...

While you are talking to La Crosse, ask them how they are doing on resolving the noisy power supply problem.

We have discovered that if you do different functions on each channel, when a channel finishes its function, it will reset all the other channels regardless if they are finished or not.

Further testing revealed glitches in the system. The first work around was to install a couple of capacitors on the board, then someone tried a different power supply. The power supply seemed to settle everything down, and as it turned out, was available for around $6 US.

If you never change modes in the middle of a test, or pull cells and try to test them while others are still in process, you will not see this behavior.

I have used mine for nearly a year now without problems. I do not try to change things in the middle of a test and do not pull cells when they are immediately done to start on other cells. I figure a few minutes of trickle charge will be good for them. However, others that have one or two cell applications, have had some problems with this.

La Crosse has been made aware of this problem, and has been provided detailed descriptions of how to fix it along with some pictures as well as comments and suggestions regarding the power supply change. Their response, so far, was to offer an exchange unit, but it is doubtfully that the new unit would be designed any differently. Fortunately, most people are not trying to do different things on different channels at the same time, but it is something to be aware of.

Let us know what you find out...

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They didn't say anything about power supply noise since the rep on the phone barely knew about the charger. They sent the charger back to me with a new power supply though.
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I had this problem where the charger will reset itself, literally hang and just stuck sometimes. To resolve the problem, I'd need to take out the power and plug it back in. Most of the time, it's harmless since it just resets itself.

But one problem proofed to be fatal to the charger. and this is what happened.

I was charging the 4 x la crosse 700mAh AAA batts at 200mA rate. unfortunate for me when I got back I saw that the LED display was stuck hanging showing 1.7v - FULL - FULL - FULL!!! and worse still when i touched the batts.. it was burning hot! then I saw it.... one of the battery actually melted and wrinkled and it even melted the charging compartment.

I'm guessing that this could be caused by a noisy power supply as well, but before I could test it with a standard AC/DC Adapter for it's stability, it decided to melt off one of my batt as stated above.

So i'm just wondering if anyone else have had this problem before?

For now, my battery charger will be travelling back to US via my cousin (who brought it over here to Malaysia for me in the 1st place) and returned for a replacement with Amazon.com... hope things turn out well, without any additional charges incurred.
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