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Default Life of charged batter vs. ordinary batteries

I find that the charge in the chargeable batteries deplete very fast compared to that of ordinary batteries. I am talking about when the batteries are kept outside of any gadgets. Is it normal or is it because my chargeable batteries are not OK?
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It depends on what type of batteries. What types are you using (both chargable and non.) All batteries loose their charge over time, even when not in use (or even plugged into anything.) Its just that some loose it faster than others. I believe this was a design choice which allowed them to be recharged faster (along with other factors like keeping cost down, not using too nasty a set of chemicals, I assume.)

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It's been said here that NiMh's lose 25% of their charge in the first day. So most re-charge just before use. Generally, I've found the higher the capacity in a small volume, the greater may be self discharge. Li-Irons are much better.

My mobile phone stands around for months and still works. However, Li-iron tend to be maker specific and you can buy buckets of NiMh AA for less. The voltage of batteries using different chemistry varies, so you can't always just replace one type with another.
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