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Default NIMH Vs Alkaline?

I've allways thought that NiMh batteries held more power than your average alkaline batteries. Somebody told me that your average alkaline battery is 2-3000 mAh. Is this true? If so why do my 1800 mAh batteries last longer in my camera than alkalines?
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No, that's not true. Most alkaline AA's are in the 1000-1100 maH ranges. That's one reason why a set of 1800 maH AA batteries out last them. Another reason is that NiMH batteries are designed to endure the higher current drain put on them by digital cameras.
My experience is that you can drain a set of alkalines in about 30 minutes, compared to about 2-2.5 hrs with a set of 1800 maH NiMh batteries.
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Don't forget the alkalines are 1.5 volts whereas the NimH are 1.2. If your lower voltage battery can work closer to the cams 'internal regulated voltage' then less peak current is wasted in the regulator.

If your cam has an ext dc in of say 6volts and you have an external battery pack of 6-8 volts - these batts may not last as long as you calculate. Better to try 4 'D' NiMh cells rather than 5 AA cells.

The second difference is the way the terminal voltages change as the batteries discharge. Alkalines will drop more proportionately over time than rechargeables which have a sudden cut-off (This is the most efficient battery).

So whilst the Alkalines are between 1.5 and 1.2 volts they are just chucking a lot of power away in the cams regulator. Then, when they get to 1.2 volts - they're nearly dead!
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