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Default Are some NiMh's better than others?

I know when you are talking alkalines, more expensive ones are better, but this is because they have a higher mah rating. With NiMh's, are more expensive batteries better? I just got 30 "dynacharge" 1800mah batteries, will they be just as good as an 1800mah of whatever brand is the best?
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There has been (and it seems it will always be an ongoing) extensive research and comparison of nimh batteries (and somewhat chargers) at: www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS/BATTS/BATTS.HTM

The short quick answer is, Yes, there are differences. Price would be a factor but not always the decisive factor.

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The latests highest incrementally largest batts on sale will always fetch the highest price, we'll have to wait a while for hydrogen or nuke batts!

If you want to get paranoid about how your capacity and charge is doing, fully charge the batts and stick a bulb on taking half the rated capacity. If it lasts 2 hours then sounds ok. There's more to it than this, like what if any deteriation is there after X re-charges, or is it better or worse than other makes in cold weather etc.

When you've had the expensive batts a few months, bigger ones will be out there, the price of yours will have dropped (your cam value will have dropped even more!) and this means you can afford buckets of batts - and you'll wonder why you worried!
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