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Santa should hopefully be bringing me my first digital camera this christmas, and I've pretty much decided to go with the Canon A610.

This means I'll be needing some rechargeable AA batteries and a charger to go with it.

I'm in the UK, and am hoping for some advice on batteries and chargers that are readily available here, rather than in the US.

Ideally I need something not too expensive (~£20 for the charger, say), and easily available. Preferably on the high street, as my parents are not massively keen on buying online (other than amazon and tescos).

Are any of the brands and models of batteries and chargers available from Jessops any good? Are there any to be particularly avoided?

Would no-name or randomly bought batteries & charger be a waste of money?

I understand that having some kind of intelligent or automatic switch off on the charger is a good thing - is it only the more expensive models that have this? I can't always seem to find details on website specifications.

Any UK-centric battery and charger advice would be much appreciated.

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Last time I was in the UK I checked several stores (in Liverpool and Chester) and it looks like the only brand they had was Uniross. Check them out I guess they are OK for chargers but IMO their cells are not up to the standard of Sanyo. If you can, purchase the charger separately and try to find some Sanyo cells. Check Kodak stores since Sanyo makes cells for Kodak.

Hope this helps
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I had the same problem finding products in the UK!!!! Take a look at www.digilution.co.uk ,I got a RS900 from them a few months back and it was the next best thing I purchaced besides my camera. Last week I got a second charger from them as my home now depends on rechargable batteries and all my kids toys have C AND D batteries. The Ansmann pro8 is a gr8 bit of kit and not putting the RS900 down, but The RS900 Only charges A+AAA.

:GI now own 2 of the best chargers on the market and cant wait for the eneloop to be released....
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Wilkinson (cheap 'supermarket' type store does a Uniross 4 hour charger with 4x 2500mAh AA batteries for £18.99.

I bought a Uniross 2 hour charger with 4x 2500mAh AAs for £19.98 on ebay.

I wanted a good brand, and having used Uniross before (slow charger with 1300 mAh batteries), I knoew I could trust them.

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