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I just bought a digital camera and I want to boy Nimh batteries for it (AA type).

1. I see 2000 mah and 2500 mah. How much of a difference would I expect to see between the two battery types? Will I get noticably more pictures out of the 2500 mah?

2. Also, I have an older Nimh battery charger - is that good enough or will I need to buy a different charger to handle the new batteries?

Thank you!
Paul Sterman
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The difference is 25% of capacity...yes, you will get considerably more pictures with the 2500's.

All depends on the type of charger you have. If it operates on a timer, it probably won't fully charge your batteries. A new charger might not be a bad idea.

the Hun

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It also depends on the quality of the cells. If you read some cell tests on the net you'll see that some cells rated at say 2100 mAh can deliver more usefull capacity then some of lesser quality rated at 2300 mAh. Generally all manufactureres are a bit optimistic with their capacity ratings, but some much more than others. I'd always take a good quality cell (such as Sanyo) with lower nameplate capacity than something rated higher but of unknown origin and quality.
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