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does anyone know?

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A quick check:

Sanyo 1800mAH NiMH - 420 grains ~27grams or just under an ounce

Store branded Alkaline - 360 grains ~23 grams about 10% lighter.

I guess i would figure on an ounce each.

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After several times bought high rated NiMH AA cells and always fails to charge all of themin my SANYO2100 rapidcharger, I decided to buy another SANYO 2500 refresh charger.

Just find out that market actually has been flooded by counterfiet and 'overmarked' NiMH batteries from china; After collecting 20-25 of NiMh batteries ranging from '2100mAh' to '3800mAh' and bought 2 original SANYO rapid chargers that comes with its original batteries.

I finally understand that counterfeith manufacturer using super low amperage,super low grade (worst, it is actualy NiCD, ) cell with overstated skins. Yes I said skins, since 'overstated' batteries printedas soo many brand such SONY CYBERENERGY, SONY CYBERSHOOT, PANASONIC, and SANYO.

I can easily find the different visually between original SANYO NiMH cell and its imitation, butdifficultto noticewhich one is fake on therest of mentioned brands since they'vebeen well packaged and I dont have a chance to find the original one here in Jakarta (hey, I dont want to collecting chargers :G ). But you can weighting overstated bettery. Counterfeit battery is much lighter than the original one!!!! you can easily feel by hand when you have the original cell on other hand.

fake SANYOcell and the rest of overstated cells are 40% lighter than original SANYO even in same amperage class.I weighting 4x 2100 original SANYO cell VS 3x 'overstated'cellsand 1x fake 2100mAh SANYOon digital scale so you can see the difference...

I hope this can help.

:idea:Hey, Anybody want to buy my SANYO 2100 chargers?
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Cragside, Why do you ask ?
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