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Can I put higher capacity batteries into a charger that doesn't serve as high a capacity?

I have some Energize 2500 mAh batteries lying around, but I have the Sony charger BCG-34, which seems to be rated at 2300 mAh.

Are there going to be electrical issues? (explosions, overheating, etc.)
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I have (apparently) successfully fully charged Energizer 2500mAh batteries in the BCG34-HRMD (is that the one you are using?).

Generally speaking, if you have asmart charger then you can charge higher capacity batteries --it just takes a bit longer. The risk is undercharging (which has no particular safety issues) rather than overcharging (which could lead to all those nasty situations you seem to be imagining). And the BCG34-HRMD is a smart charger.

Most smart chargers do have a timer based safety cutout which could coneceivably come into play but in that case you could just restart the charging process (unplug, remove batteries, whatever, then start over) to top up your batteries (don't do this with a simple timer charger though). At any rate, the 10% difference in capacities shouldn't be enough to cause any problems and, like I said, I've done it.
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Hi John. I have that model you describe. Sorry about not fully stating the model type.

Thanks for your experience. I was more concerned about safety issues than undercharging. I don't mind if my 2500 mAh are undercharged a bit. I don't want a melted charger or somesuch.

Thanks for your input.
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Old Jan 22, 2006, 1:45 AM   #4
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ya I've been using a 1600 rated charger with 2300 rated batteries for the longest time, and I doubt mine is that smart of a charger (Camedia charger that came for free with my Olympus 5050)

I really need to find a decent charger I know i'm wasting my 2300's potential, not to mention it takes 16 hours to charge
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Steve has good advice about chargers right here on this site.

Go to the main page. Look at - our reviews/accessories.

Of the chargers listed, I have the Lightning Pack and the Maha 204F.

They are both excellent chargers. About two hours for your 2300mah cells.

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i also have the same sony charger you have (BCG34-HRMD) and i have successfully charged my kodak brand nimh batteries rated at 2500mah without any problems.

i was wondering the same thing at the beginning and was too lazy to ask and went on with the charge anyways thinking i can just return everything if something went wrong haha but thankfully everything was ok at the end.

100% safe i'd say.
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