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Hi, I am going to Nepal for a month and won't be able to recharge batteries easily... the digital cameras I currently own use lithium-ion style batteries, which seem to drain very very fast especially at colder temperatures.*As a result I'm looking for a light weight, compact digital camera 7megapixels or greater that uses AA batteries... anyone recommend one that produces decent photos or are there attachments tha let you use alternate batteries? Also seen solar panel chargers for $100, do these work??Lia
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One possible way to do this, if your camera has an external DC input, is to get an external power pack that uses AA batteries, or have someone make one up for you. A local TV repair shop may be able to help you out. I did quite a bit of this type of work when I did this type of work.:-)

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whispersiren wrote:
Also seen solar panel chargers for $100, do these work??Lia
Actually those would work better there in higher altitudes than in sea level... intensity of sun radiation is stronger.

If you can wait longer for charging of battery those would work.
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Others have had your problem and have found solutions. For example, here's one of many possible high-capacity battery packs that can keep a digital camera going for a very long time: http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/view...?idProduct=350for a 2200mha pack --- or you could make your own quite easily:

Building info http://www.batterieswholesale.com/ba...assembling.htm

Another, easier,build it yourself: http://www.mediabaron.com/dc120/batterypack.html

Do a search and you will find a lot of info on external battery packs and building them. Also, remember that most (but not all) AC adapter/chargers are multi voltage now days, from 90vac to 240vac , if there is any power at all you will be able to recharge. I think you will find the above listed pack from Maha will power your camera for the month (just keep the battery pack warm inside your coat. And a roll-up solarcell array would also help extend your shooting time. Something like this, but it would take a while to charge anything at 5watts: http://www.powerportstore.com/Solar%...g%20-%20AR.htm

And then there is this baby I've dreamed about for quite a while: http://www.jadoopower.com/nab.html

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Look at the Casio Z120. It has the very good 7Mp Sony 1/1.8 sensor and an excellent lens. It takes a lot of shots with two NiMH AAs. The Z120 also has manual everything and an excellent control setup for using the manual controls. A charger and a dozen high capacity batteries would probably suffice unless you plan to spend the entire vacation away from power.

If you currently have appropriate cameras except that they take lithium batteries you might rethink getting a new camera. I've gotten aftermarket spare batteries for several cameras and they seem to equal the originals. You can get a spare lithium for $20 and often one with higher capacity than the original for a little more. I've always gotten the OEM replacement and have been happy with them.

Lithium batteries have about the same self-discharge the first day as NiMH, but after that lithium is around 2%/month compared to as high as 2%/day with NiMH. You can charge the lithium batteries before leaving home and they are about as charged as if you had charged them the day before. They are easier to carry as they pack more power per volume and weight. They lose power in the cold but so does everything else. Throw a couple in an inside pocket and you have a lot of shooting.

Say you went to the board specific to your camera you already have and found inexpensive aftermarket batteries that people have found work. Buy 5 for $100 plus shipping – that is a lot cheaper than a new camera. Charge them and throw them in your bag. 5 spares is a lot of photos.

The solar charger will work extremely well at high altitude as E.T. points out. But you could spend your time and effort on better things, and the sun isn't always shining on the day you have free to charge your batteries. Buy 5 more lithium or a couple dozen high capacity NiMH instead. Lithium spares are the lightest and most convenient way to go IMO, but setting up a solar charger is the least reliable way to assure power since you can't always count on the sun shining.

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This link may give you a few ideas,you also may want to think about taking an extra memory card(s)


Good Luck


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Just buy a few DPS 9000 battery packs before you go.

Google on DPS 9000 and you will find them.

They last for hours and fit under and work in almost any dig cam!


Go this route for recharging batts on your layover days in camp.


Perhaps they will give you one to test over there in exchange for post trip testimonial to its efficacy in the third world :idea:

With thissolar charger AND DPS 9000, you would run otta storage media before you ran otta juice for your digcam!

Also, you then not limiting your digcam choice to just thosewhich use AA batts!

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