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I got a sanyo charger that charges 2100 batt but wondering if the charger
would work fine with the 2300 and 2500 batt ? I saw the newer chargers tat came
with the 2500 batt and it look similar to mine. (may charger is mqr02u)

Another question is i got cannon powershot a70 with 2100 batt. Now that i charge
and use the batt (around a year plus old) it would indicate low batt on my a70 but
tested with cd player gave me full batt. Got to reset and start my cam several times
to get it to work and sometimes, just would not be able to power up my cam.

Thanks guys.
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Hello Channelg,

Without knowing the detailed specifications of your charger, it is difficult to accurately answer your question. My hunch is that your charger should work fine with the higher capacity batteries.

Two things come to mind concerning the problem you are describing. As batteries age, they develop higher internal resistance. This results in them not being able to maintain voltage under load. You usually begin to see this after 200-300 charge/discharge cycles.

The second possibility is the so called "memory effect." This is not supposed to be a problem in NiMh chemistry, however if you repeatedly discharge your batteries to the same level each time, it can show up.

The solution to reviving your batteries involves spending some time andhaving the right equipment. Sometimes it is more economical just to replace the batteries.

Trying to revive a battery does not always work, but often works quite well. You need to charge the battery up and discharge it to 0.8 volts. Without recharging, you then do a slow discharge (at 0.2C or 420 mA for your 2100 mAh batteries) down to 0.8 volts. After this double "deep" discharge, you charge your battery back up.

Two cycles of this will usually bring a battery back to life.

Some chargers have a discharge function. This does not do the deep discharge, so you have to do some additional cycles, but this often works as well. The advantage of this is that the charger is keeping track of things and you are free to go about your daily routine.

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oh ok I just have to try it out.

Thanks for the advice appreciate that.

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