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mrb Apr 15, 2006 10:54 PM

I have been looking for a NiMH charger and batteries for my new digicam, and I have been reading and posting on some of the threads here (some listed below).

Iam leaning toward the Maha 401FS due to some good reviews that I have seen, and the fact that it has individual circuits for charging each battery. It sounds like the individual circuits provides better charge to each cell. Anyway, I am leaning toward the Maha 401FS since it has individual charging circuits, comes with DC power cord, and has lifetime warranty. Thomas Distributing has it for $43 with 4 2500mAh AAs and some other extras.

I just saw this charger tonight at Staples: Duracell CEF80NC - It is advertised as a 1 hour charger, and itcomes with 4 Duracell 2100mAh cells. It is $20 at Staples after a $10 rebate. Seems like a good price, but does anyone know anything about this unit? I could not find any specs for it. I am assuming that it does not charge cells individually.

Any other tips would be appreciated before I purchase!;forum_id=51;forum_id=51;forum_id=51;forum_id=15

mtclimber Apr 16, 2006 2:30 PM

The Maha 401FS is a much better charger. The Duracell unit is just average.


wmussatto Apr 21, 2006 2:15 PM

I just bought a unit from Thomas and there service was excellent. I had trouble getting the battery conditioning on the C-204W to work. The explained the procedure in an email response and then checked back to make sure it actually solved the problem. Went with that unit rather than the 401 because I wanted the reconditioning system.


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