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My experience with Energizer is really sucks and it really can't last me long and I have to charge them again. However LaCrosse battery really impressed me as it had been in myCanon PowerShot A95 :|for so long until I forgotten when I last charge them. Tried looking for LaCrosse battery but too bad they don't sell the battery alone and it only comes with the purchase of their charger BC-900.

Now I'm trying to look for other reliable brand as I had gave up on Energizer and can't possibly depend on 4pcs of LaCrosse.

Any brand you guys can recommend me?
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Sanyos are generally kept as one of the best...
But considering where you live there might be quite much of p.o.s quality counterfeits around so you would definitely have to carefull from what place you buy them.

Sounds like one of those Energizer is bad one, or those might be fakes if you bought them separately without charger... few months ago someone from that geographic area said that finding good cells without buying charger-bundle is hard.
You can find which one is bad by charging them full and using digital multimeter to check voltage say day later, voltage should be still considerably about 1.35V and bad cell would have lower voltage than others.
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Hello Rev_zone,

It might be interesting to try out the new Sanyo Eneloop cells...

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Old Apr 30, 2006, 12:50 PM   #4
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I have tried many different NiMH cells, they self discharge fairly fast. I take several sets and recharge them frequently with a universal voltage charger. I bought some lithium CRC-V3 cells and a universal charger, they are lighter, hold their charge better recharge quickly. I prefer them.
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Sanyo is one of the biggest battery makers on the planet and their batteries are very good - they OEM for many other brands too.

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Hi Steve!

As, here in Israel Sanyo can't be obtain...& after 3 sets of Green ones GP 1300 mAh, I'm very happy to inform you & all members on our forums, that last Friday I acquired for my first time "Energizer" brand, together with their "Fast One Hour Charger"...below a photo of the cells resting on the charger chamber.

Yet don't make any full test, whatever for my many flashes, seems me that will be OK!


Alex 007:|
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Here is the most informative rechargable battery review that I know off: http://imaging-resource.com/ACCS/BATTS/BATTS.HTM

IT appears that Enegizer (sanyo makes their cells), Powerex (maha), and Sanyo are the best battery cells out there.

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Old May 2, 2006, 12:49 PM   #8
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I have bee nusing 1800MaH Powerex batteries with the Maha MH-C204F for nearly 3 years with no problems. The initial cost was greater than a set of Energizers would have been, but I don't regret the purchase.
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Have been using the Maha 204W and Powerex 2300mh for about 2 yrs, and have been greatly impressed. My Fuji S5100 uses 4 AA, so bought 8 and keep 4 on charger. Don't know how they could be any better.
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