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Is it OK to use a voltage inverter (to covert automobile 12VDC to 110 VAC) to power battery rechargers. Some chargers don't have a cigarette lighter plug for charging in the car. I'm planning an "off road" trip and am considering the purchase of a voltage inverter for my car to recharge batteries for digicam and portable storage unit.

Anyone tried this?
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I haven't tried it but wouldn't hesitate to hook one of my chargers to an inverter. I wouldn't think frequency would be critical for converting back to direct current and most devices have an acceptable voltage range that would fall within the output.

I might hook a tester to the inverter. System voltage is higher with the engine running and that could affect the inverter output. 110v is toward the low end of what most devices will accept and you might get more complete charging while driving.

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I assume you're worried about those warnings that you can't connect all devices to ordinary modified sine wave inverters.

Now some pages claim that battery chargers and such shouldn'be used with them which might be true for certain charger but in general it shouldn't matter, because in normal chargers AC is first rectified and then lowered to more suitable DC voltage by step-down switching power supply which then powers charging circuitry.
Especially if battery charger has separate power supply I can say 100% sure that charger itself couldn't care less about exact type of AC powering its power supply.

Also in this page they state that requirement for true sine wave considers some cheaper chargers.
And few others state sine wave necessary for "wireless" (inductive) chargers used mostly with certain tools.
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