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Read in another forum that "The Canon A520 requires Nimh battery 2300mah". Not sure where they got that from and they don't seem to be responding to me. But I'm having a problem with my A520 and I'm wondering whether I've got a defective unit or not.

I put in Energizer 2000mah NIMH batteries, fully charged, and took about 5 photos. Turned the camera off. A few minutes later, I wanted to take more photos, the camera came on and said "Change batteries". I put the batteries in a tester and saw that they were still at almost full charge. Took another set (same type of batteries) and had even worse results with the "change batteries" coming on immediately.

Both sets of batteries work perfectly fine in my Kodak Z700 (got both cameras and am going to return one of them). I put the Kodak "digital camera" batteries (non-rechargable) in the Canon and they worked fine (not sure for how long as I just took a few more pics). And the same goes for the alkalines that came with the Canon (again, not sure for how long).

Am I going crazy? I though even 2000mah would be better than using straight alkalines. Is there something about the Canon that you really can't use anything below 2300mah? Trying to figure out if I have a defective unit or not.
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In my A520 I am using the Energizers that came with the 15 minuterecharger. On the batteries themselves, it says in big print "2200mAh," and in smaller print it says "min 2050 mAh." I have had very good luck with these batteries. When I first got them I wanted to get a couple deep cycles on them, so I charged them up and put them in the camera. I put it in the playback mode and set it up for a slide show. It took more than 5 hours for the camera to shut itself off. I then did the same with the other two batteries (I got the cahrger with a set of four batteries.) It took the same long time for the camera to shut itself off. I can't tell you how many shots I get on a set of two batteries, because I have never kept shooting until I couldn't any more. This camera, as you know, does not show the battery icon on the LCD until the batteries have been fairly well discharged. If the screen would show the battery status regardless of the state of charge (like my Panasonic does) it would be easier to estimate the number of shots on a full charge. All in all, though, I am pretty happy with the performance of the 15 minute Energizers.
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Hello Awp,

Whether you are going crazy or not could be a subject of much debate... :-)

Your problem sounds like a battery or charger problem. Your batteries are not maintaining voltage under load. The fact that the camera will work with Alkaline batteries suggests that the problem is not with the camera.

Place your batteries in the charger and charge them up. At the end of the charge cycle, measure their voltage. The should come off the charger at around 1.44 volts. If that is the case, it would suggest that your charger is working properly.

The low battery indication is signaling that the batteries are not able to maintain the voltage under load that the Canon camera is expecting. The fact that your batteries work in the Kodak camera may only indicate that the Kodak places less demand on the batteries.

As batteries age, their ability to maintain voltage drops. While the capacity of the battery will improve some over the first 50-100 cycles, the voltage at the mid point of the discharge cyclewill drop. Toward the end of their cycle life, it is not uncommon to see a big drop in voltage under load until the chemistry heats up. Then the voltage will recover somewhat.

Here is another test you can try. Pour some hot water from your faucet into a container. Place your batteries in a Zip Loc bag and place them in the hot water. Set a timer for 15 minutes, then put the batteries into your camera. If the camera works fine, your batteries are the problem.

Any NiMh AA battery of good quality and in good conditionwill work with your camera. The 2300 mAh batteries will run a bit longer than 2000 mAh batteries, but both will work.

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