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zero_enigma May 23, 2006 3:27 PM

Hello all,

I just found your forum last night. I own a Sony P7 digicam, Canon S2-IS digicam, and a Nikon F-801.

I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this charger? I recently bought one at Tiger Direct that came with 4 x AA + 6 x AAA for $25 CDN. Does someone make thier chargers for them? Or do they make chargers for another company?

This is what I bought:;CatId=1544

I noticed they have a newer charger that looks very similar to the TG2800 someone mentioned at Amondotech which made me think i fone company makes the same charger but rebrands them for another company.

The newer one has a discharge feature:;CatId=1544

Previously before my purchase of the Ultra charger I was using the Isun Battpak ( own the Isun Solar panel as well combo) as my primary charger with my math done out on the charging times so I can set my alarms of when to check back on it to take the batteries out.

I use 1850 Energizers NIMH, 1100 generics (came with Isun combo) NIMH, 2500 Energizer NIMH, Duracell Dynacharge NICAD (approx. 10yr old and working like a charm :) ), and Duracell XP NICAD (same 10yr old and seems to old a decent amount of charge. Approx. 2.5 - 3.0hours on my halogen bikelightbefore the LED's kick in).

Thanks in advance for any help.


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