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I purchased 12 new Sanyo 2700mAh batteries for a new camera I had pre-ordered. I was notified the camera was shipping, so I got out my mightly
Lenmar MACH 1 Gamma charger to charge up the batteries before the camera arrived. Was I suprised!

The Lenmar MACH 1 Gamma charger would only charge two Sanyo 2700mAh batteries at a time. The two batteries on the left were the only two cells that would light the charging lights, the two lights on the right would not light, meaning they were not charging. I inserted several combinations of the remaining eight Sanyo batteries and still only two batteries on the left would charge.

I have owned Lenmar MACH 1 chargers for four years. I had to replace my first one because one of the charging cells developed a problem. I purchased my current Lenmar MACH 1 eight months ago, so it is a fairly new charger and I have used it 10 or 12 times, so I know it works. Enter the new Sanyo batteries I had to have. Well, I thought I had to have. The batteries are really really good, that is when you use the right battery charger.

I next used an old Monster AA battery charger that I use as a backup to verify if the batteries were good, or not. The Monster charged the first four batteries with no problem. My wife also purchased a Lenmar MACH 1 Gamma last month (still in the package) for her new camera. I tried her Lenmar MACH1, same problem. The Lenmar MACH 1 Gamma chargers must have problems with the new Sanyo 2700mAh batteries. It is really a shame, because I have loved the Lenmar's, but I want the extra capacity of the Sanyo batteries.

One final note: I used an old Kodak AA charger for the last four batteries and the Kodak also worked. That is two cheap AA battery chargers doing what two high end Lenmar chargers couldn't.

Does anyone have any ideas why the Lenmar cannot charge the Sanyo batteries?

A last minute addition:

I just tried to charge four Sony Stamina 2500mAh that came with our new cameras. The Lenmar would only charge the three left cells. I swapped around the batteries again, same problem. No matter which battery I inserted in the cells. the right cell would not light. I then inserted four Lenmar 2300mAh batteries and all four lights went on. I then grabbed the old Monster charger and the cells charged.

Looks like Lemar's has a problem in general with the higher capacity batteries.
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Hello Irish,

While there is a difference in the internal resistance of the higher capacity batteries, I don't understand how that would effect the charger.

It sounds like there may be a connection problem.

Is it possible for you to check to make sure your batteries are making contact within the charger?

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Yeah, looks like a charger problem to me. I used to have the Mach1 gamma en excellent charger. As said, check to see that the cells connect properly to the charger
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When you insert 4 2700 mAh batteries only 2 will charge.
When you insert 4 2500 mAh batteries only 3 will charge.
When you insert 4 2300 mAh batteries all 4 will charge.

Do you see a trend here?

I think the problem is that the charger is limited somehow by the capacity of the cells you are trying to charge. Probably a design problem, especially as the charger was probably designed before the higher capacity cells became available.

Check out the reviews of chargers here:


and buy a new charger that can handle your new batteries.

Also see here for a really good selection:


This is the one I use:

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I would suggest you buy the Sanyo charger with two AA and two AAA's as I recall- at COSCO- around 19 dollars as I recall. 2700mamp batteries.
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amazingthailand wrote:
That should be nice charger if there's need to charge many different sizes.

For double- and triple-As this would be my choise... I haven't noticed other chargers which can be used for testing real capacity of cells, including different discharge currents. (it takes only one bad from four to make whole set look bad)
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That is a nice battery charger, and small too. The Ansmann is very good, but it is quite large. Definately NOT for travelling.
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