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I boo-booed and left my Maha C-777 Plus in Li-Ion mode when I plugged my 7.2v NiMH (or possibly NiCad) battery pack into it.

Quite surprised to come back the next morning to find the battery still charging. The Maha display, if I recall correctly, showed ~7700 mA over 580 minutes of charging. I *believe* this is a 4000mAh battery pack. The battery was very warm but not hot, and the Maha temp detector didn't shut down charging. Still reasonably within the 1.5C charging range, although it was probably 1/2 to 3/4 depleted at the time of recharging.

I performed a discharge, and the Maha showed the battery only output 3300 mA over the complete cycle.

I then recharged the battery (using the correct Ni mode this time), and two problems: The final charging voltage was 6.6v (instead of 7.2), and the first charge only put ~2800 mA into the battery -- about half of whats expected.

I let the battery sit, then charged it again (another ~1200 mA) and again (~900mA). However, final charging voltage is still stepped down to 6.6v.

Looking for advice on how to recondition this battery, or if I've killed it and need to build another. I appreciate your input!
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