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Hello Everyone

This is my first post… I have a few questions. I was searching for answer but could not find and I decided to write here.
  1. How can I change settings in Lacrosse 900 battery charger and speed up a little bit whole process? Default is 200mA and I can not figure out. I am pressing buttons but I am afraid is something very simple and many of you will have good laugh. [/*]
  2. I am planning to buy dual voltage (110-220) battery charger to have spare when[/*]
I will go to Europe. I am not very technical person and is so many to choose that

I feel lost. Maybe somebody will help me?

Things important for me:

- simple operations (insert, maybe change something to make faster charge)

- it would be nice to see what is the state of batteries (each of them)

- I can charge 1,2,3,4 and not all the time 2 or 4.

Sorry for newbie question. I found this place very useful and I hope somebody will share

With me some tricks.

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You can select 200, 500, 700 or 1000 mA charging current for any charging position by pressing the Current Key (far left button) - the trick is that you must do this within 8 seconds after you insert the battery or it defaults and locks in at 200mA. If you don't catch it quick enough just grab one end of battery with fingernail, lift it out slightly and then push it back down and you got another 8 seconds to try again. The BC900 charges 1,2,3 or 4 cells - your choice.

If you lost your BC900 manual you can find it online here:


In respect to a worldwide charger for 110-240V, check out the Maha C-204W, it comes with a US 2-prong AC plug and other power cords are available. It charges fast with a high but safe current and does not need an external brick power supply. This charger charges a pair of cells at a time, cannot do just one.


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Thank you very much.

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LaCrosse works with 100-240V so it would work about everywhere.

steve wrote:
These guys really redefine how advertising is legalized lying...

The intelligent MH-C204W battery charger features two independent banks, able to perform different functions simultaneously This means you can charge two unique sets of two rechargeable batteries. You can put two NiMH AA rechargeable batteries in one bank and two Nimh AAA rechargeable batteries in the other bank. IT'S LIKE HAVING TWO BATTERY CHARGERS in one!
That's just deceiving way for saying that charger ain't intelligent enough for charging cells separately.

"Advertising is legalized lying."
-H. G. Wells

"If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn't have to advertise them."
-Will Rogers
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