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I have had it for a few years and have been happy with pictures etc..however, on and off I have had this problem for a while now, but I feel it is getting worse...

Camera just dies on me, with zoom fully extended and there is nothing I can do to revive it...It did it yesterday, and has just done it again now! I had charged it on the dock all last night to ensure I had it OK for my daughter's school do, I switched it on now, the battery display showed it on full charge, I went into the set up to try and modify the automatic sleep time setting (thinking maybe it had something to do with that, if not with the battery) andall of a sudden it just went all black! :sad::evil::sad:None of the buttons respond, I even tried to remove battery and replace it...I am away from docking station now, and the annoying thing is (also) that with the zoom extended and lens exposed it does not fit in the case and I am worried I will scratch it...

A friend told me it was because I left it on the dock all night instead of removing it as soon as the light goes green, but I have looked at the manual and it says that the dock has a circuit breaker and that the camera can be left there even a month...

What do you think is the most likely explanation for what is happening? Is it a battery problem or a camera problem? I am not terribly technical, so I need someone with idiot proof advice....

Thanks for any helpyou can give me!
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