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Default 2200 mAh MAHA batteries any good?????

hi all!!

i'm about to purchase MAHA's C204F charger (is THAT good as most reviews say???), and the kit comes with 2200 mAh Maha batteries.

I read a review at http://www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS/BATTS/BATTS.HTM, saying that batteries over 2000 mAh are not reliable already, they dont hold charge very much and have a stronger memory effect.

So i ask the pro's around here:

- should i go for a more reliable 1800mAh batterie set or i can go for these 2200 mAh ones?

I plan to use them on my Canon A70.

thanks for any help!

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That charger and battery combination (maha/2200 mah) will power your Canon A70 for a long time (my wife has the A40 and it is very easy on batteries).
After about 5 or 6 charges those batteries will be even better.
I read a post on dpreview in the Minolta forum and the writer said that a brother has the D7i and put a new set of the Maha 2200 powerex batteries in and got 388 pictures. WOW! Now that is POWER.

Good Day,
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Default Better be good...

Ha! The 2200's BETTER be worth the extra cash paid for them... I just received mine, ironically enough, ten minutes ago. I ordered on friday, came today. 48.?? for 8 2200's + 204F charger...
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I've gone for the 401 Charger and at this point 2000 batteries though I'm interested to keep tabs on opinions on the 2200 batteries.

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