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HI...I currently have the Powerex MH-C204W charger...with powerex rechargeable batteries and Energizer rechargeables. I have the Cannon Powershot S2IS camera. My question is...I usually have one set of batteries in the camera, and one set that are charged and ready to go whenever necessary...however, lately, my spares have always been de-charged by the time I need to use them..they have absolutely no power left in them. Why would that be? Is there a way to prevent that? Also, the batteries I keep in the camera die on me quicker than when I first started using them. Now, from the reviewsI'd read before I bought the camera and charger, it said that this was one of the best chargers...so why are my batteries always dying? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

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Hello Zaomran,

The first thought that comes to mind is that batteries don't last forever...

You may be able to get some life back by doing a few cycles ofdischarging down to 0.9 volts per cell and charging back up after that.

I should also mention that several people have had problems with Energizer 2500 cells showing higher than normal rates of self discharge. You may want to check the voltage of your cells as they come off the charger, as well as after they sit for a while.

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I am getting between 200 and 250 shots from my Maha 2500's in my Canon S2 IS, with a change cycle of 2-3 weeks. I recharge the flat ones as soon as I change them and return them to the camera case.

How long do you go between changing batteries?
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NiMH batteries are subject to "air discharge" which means they start losing their charge as soon as they come off the charger. This is why all NiMH chargers have a trickle charge mode for batteries left on the charger after the main charge cycle is completed. You want to charge just before use and leave the second set on the charger until they are needed.

For infrequent camera users I would recommend the one-use lithium AA batteries, they hold their charge for years and work better in cold environments.
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