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Is the use of proprietary batteries worth the advance of having a slim camera like an Exilim or ELPH? I wouldn't buy a second battery so I'd be limited in terms of how long I could go without a recharge, but I can take 150+ pictures on an ELPH and 250+ on an Exilim which is probably enough for "1 session". In this case, the Casio Z850 looks very tasty and a better value than the SD600.

Otherwise, the A620/700 look quite good.
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The Z850 is rated at 440 shots with the LCD on by CIPA standards. That is more than my Z750 which will fill a 1 Gig card with plenty of power left over. At 5Mb/image the Z850 should easily fill a 2 Gig card with the LCD on. Since it has an optical viewfinder you can shoot without the LCD and probably fill a 4 Gig card. You evidently could with continuous shooting even with the LCD on.

I have cameras that take AA NiMH batteries and cameras with proprietary lithium batteries. The lithium are a lot easier to live with. NiMH batteries have a substantial self-discharge where the self-discharge on lithium is only about 2%/month after the first day. You don't have to cycle them.

The cradle tends to keep the battery charged as well. Since you put it in the cradle after you shoot to download the photos it is almost automatic to also recharge the battery. I've had my Z750 for over a year and have yet to see the battery other than full. Of my 5 digital cameras it is the first I didn't get spare batteries for.

I'm not saying the Z850 is a better camera than the A620 or A700. Those are excellent cameras. But they are large and heavy. The Z850 does have a better control setup though.

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The real advantage is if you plan on keeping and using a camera for many years those proprietary batteries may be difficult or impossible to find when you need a replacement. The AA batteries will be around for a long time to come and we keep seeing more powerful NiMH cells every year. Lithium is nice because they hold a charge so much longer and if you want a slim camera then they are the only choice.
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I use cameras with both AA's and proprietary batteries. The AA's, even 2500 mHh, do not last nearly as long. As far as availability goes, we are seeing many manufacturers using the same battery in newer models. Add to that a huge aftermarket and I have confidence you can find the battery you need for a very long time to come.
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I'm find just the opposite. I have Fuji cameras using proprietary ND batteries and also an S9000 using the "AA" NiMH. I also found the S9000 with 4 2200mahNiMHs last longer than my dad's Panasonic FZ30. For me, there's no turning back now. I'll only buy cameras that utilize "AA" batteries. With my S9000, I carry three sets of NiMH batteries. Four for the strobe, four in the camera and a set for spare.
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