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I took this on Saturday, not really thinking about this challenge. I just liked the way the sunset was reflected in the bubble windows. It occurred to me when I was looking at it on the computer moniter that it might qualify. It IS 3 windows but just one sunset! This was taken at KSU football stadium; the windows are in the suites area.
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I don't know about this one. I'll let Cal pass final judgement but I'm inclined not to since the fourth element is missing in one sense.

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Three miniature reflected virtual imagesand a single huge object?
"3 + 1" light sources - three reflectors (convex mirrors) and a floodlight?
Three "sky"-lights and a flood-light? Three spheres and a plane?

Anyway, I like it.
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I have to side with Selvin on this one. The reflection of the floodlight is repeated three times as the other objects reflected in the "balls". The background of the building doesn't count as an object since it doesn't stand apart from the rest.


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