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Trojansoc Nov 29, 2008 6:24 AM

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Many of the 3 + 1 challenge shots have been very carefully and skillfully arranged. Others have been captures of moments that occur naturally. However, seldom do we get outside assistance, or an audience, in setting up our photos. It would appear the drake (drill sergeant) in the foreground of this shot is arranging the three juveniles and one adult trumpeter swansfor the challenge with a near perfect line. In the background, the ring-necked ducks watch with interest.


BTW, a positive note about the mindset that develops when we have one of these challenges going and you start looking for possibilities. I caught myself looking at the birds on this pond in groups of four to the point that I almost didn't take a couple of other really nice shots because they didn't meet the challenge criteria. I even had my wife doing it, "Look! there's another 3 + 1!"

calr Nov 29, 2008 7:10 PM

Beautiful job, Paul. You have captured the spirit and the letter of the challenge.

I have been very pleased with the response to this challenge so far. People are really searching their brains to come with new ideas...and succeeding! Good work, everyone.


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