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Hi everyone! I have been in contact with Bynx via email, and he wanted to let all know that he gets notified that he is receiving PM's in Steve's, but because he has been banned, he cannot open them. He has asked that anyone interested in contacting him please email him at: [email protected]

H says to tell you all "HI!" and that he misses you all. :sad:

Take care.

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For all of you who have accepted Bynx's invitation to contact him by email, there is something you need to know.

1. I made no attacks against Bynx. My response to him was in my position of lead moderator in this forum and in stating the unanimous opinions of Selvin, Vsch1, and myself.

2. Bynx made this dispute personal. He was determined to have his way and nothing was going to get in his way regardless of who he hurt along the way. He initiated a massive flame war against me but what he had to say was his selfishness talking and not and not the words of a mature gentleman.

3. JimC got involved only after Bynx sent one of his flaming message to Jim. Jim's decision to ban Bynx was arrived on his own. He did ask me for input and I stated the facts of the past year as accurately as I could remember. Jim was already aware of a situation that almost got Bynx banned about six months ago.

We proposed a compromise to Bynx in that we would have occasional challenges in which unlimited manipulation is allowed. Bynx accepted this but was never happy with it. He hated the past two challenges. At this point, the only thing that would make Bynx happy is if he were made the lead moderator of this forum. I can guarantee you that will not happen. JimC will never allow it and I am 99% certain Steve would never allow it.

I received a private message a few days ago from a forum member who was very pleased with the way the forum is being operated. I am not perfect. Nobody here is. I try to run the forum fairly and provide enjoyment and education for all. There is always going to be someone who is not happy with a challenge. My answer is wait two weeks and there will be another. Before I became moderator, there were challenges I didn't like. I didn't voice my displeasure. I simply didn't participate.

Selvin, Vanessa (vsch1) and I discuss problems that come up and we generally reach a unanimous decision on a resolution. I do nothing on my own. This is not my forum. I just try to keep the peace and take turns with the other moderators in selecting challenge topics. Although JimC is listed as a moderator, he does not take an active part in the day-to-day operation of the forum. He is a system administrator and a "super moderator" which means he has moderator privilege in all forums.

I hope this sets the record straight. If you have been in touch with Bynx I am sure he has told his version of the truth. I recommend you contact Selvin or Vanessa and see if they don't agree with me.

Hopefully, this is the last thing I am going to have to say about this. I am not going to delete this thread but it will not be anchored.

Cal Rasmussen

(edit) Robleemom, I sent you a private message about a week ago but have not heard back from you.

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Old Oct 30, 2008, 11:44 AM   #3
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Please understand I was not being confrontational with my post. I had been in touch with Bynx and he was regretful of the situation. In fact, he stated that if he had it to do overagain, he would have handled things differently. Opinions differ and tempers flare and sometimes we lose perspective. He accepts the decisionmade by you and the other moderators, but he wasconcerned about the fact that he had no way of letting his friends know that he could not retrieve any of the PM's that had been sent to him. I merely made the post to let people know he was not ignoring them or their PM's, and to give them an alternate way of contacting him. There are so many people in here that he has grown to respect and care about, and he really hated the idea of never having contact with them again.

As for my opinion, I find it sad thatin a websiteI assume was created for the educational and fun sharing of knowledge and ideas, there is no room for differing view points.

As far as not replying to your PM, I did not realize you expected a reply. Itseemed to me the die had been cast, what was done was done, and there was really no reason or need to take the discussion any further.


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Thanks for posting the e-mail address for Bynx.
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