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Default Changes, comments

Please review the forum guidelines. There have been a few changes.

Challenge suggestions-There are still no new suggestions posted in the "Suggest new challenge" thread. If you have ideas for new challenges, please post them in that thread. If the ideas are good, we use them (with possible modifications). If there is a problem with a suggestion, we try to explain why.

I have deleted several challenge suggestions in the past few days primarily because the submitter is no longer here and because the suggestions were several years old. We also delete suggestions once they are used or some time after we have responded with reason the suggestion may not be a good one.

This forum is not a contest or competition. Critique is highly encouraged but not required. We are all winners if constructive, useful critiques are posted.

No rating or star system will be implemented. It is totally unnecessary.

Some challenges may be more challenging than others. This forum is not about going out and shooting photos to post here. It is about excellence in photography and teaching you some new ideas and concepts. If you run away from a challenge because it is difficult, you are missing out on a chance to learn something new.

Future challenges will emphasize the use of special tools to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots, panorama stitching, infrared, etc. There will continue to be some simple challenges as well. There will be the occasional "free-for-all" where you can go crazy in your editor and create a Van Gogh or Picasso! We need to do another "treasure hunt". The one we did previously was very successful.

Please add your suggestions to this list. We want to avoid "show and tell" types of challenges as they do nothing to improve your creativity. One of the suggestions I deleted was to photograph statues and monuments. I have always had a personal rule not to photograph other people's art. In the case of statues and monuments, if you can create an artistic composition where the statue is just part of it, that might be OK. Showing a statue just because it was interesting is not sufficient.

If we work together, I know we can make this forum a great place for everyone. There will always be dissenters and people who want things their way. It is impossible to satisfy everyone.

Let's work together and make this work. Most of all, let's strive to improve our skills through seeing and understanding the work of others.

Have a good day.

Cal Rasmussen
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