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Default Door -- Charleston, SC Single

This past year, we visited Charleston, SC on our vacation. One of the interesting things is a local traditional architectural style called a "single." This is a house that is one room wide, to maximize cross-ventillation. A common feature of these narrow houses is a porch on the side that is used as additional living space. To garner a bit of privacy, they would put a false wall on the street-side of the porch. This side view of the front door shows the false front. I found it a charming house in a delightful town.
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Great perspective. It looks like they've adhered to required color on the porch's ceiling - can't have ghosts sticking around!
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Fascinating! I didn't notice the false front at first, only after you called attention to it.
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What an interesting design, and practical too, I'm sure!

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Those Southerners!!!! Why I do declare you cannot have just any ole body comin' on ya porch now! ya hear!..

This is southern elegance for separating who is invited and who is not.

Before you all throw rocks... I grew up in the south.. and lived there for 35 years. It is a different kind of place. If you get the chance to see the south, please go! Preferably in the spring or fall. Summers will melt you!


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Beautiful shot. I lived in an apartment once situated on top of a hill near San Francisco Bay. Although it wasn't a "single", there was plenty of ventilation when you opened the front door and rear windows. No A/C required!

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Thank you for sharing the story behind the "extra" false door. Interesting design and for fully functional reasons.
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