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Originally Posted by toners
Please forgive me, PrmseKpr, but your evidence of spring was so welcome that I fell into a trance and gave in to my impulse to color correct. The magenta soil was the trigger. Here I have just tweaked the color balance slider away from magenta a bit and into the green, and voila - dirt colored soil, and an even greener spring.
You're forgiven

Actually, the original picture was closer to your edit. I did the auto-correct in Digital Image Pro and what you see is what I got. I thought it made it look a little sharper.
Thanks for sharing the signs of a new season - I can hear that bird in my mind, and in real life I can hear the frogs down the hill in the intermittent creek, and smell the beautiful air through my open window.
You're welcome. There actually is a creek down the hill, and last week it was in the upper 60's and lower 70's here, so my windows were open! Now it is in the 30's and it actually flurried for most of the day yesterday. Spring is just around the corner!
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Originally Posted by PrmseKpr
I did the auto-correct in Digital Image Pro
Thanks for not being offended by my messing around with your photograph. The auto correct tool can do magic, for sure. It probably improved the tonal range by setting the white and black points, which can increase contrast and make an image look sharper. But it can be fooled by large monocromatic areas of color. In this case it may have reacted to the large amount of green by upping the magenta a bit.
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