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What a nice picture!
- there is that devilish face on the top center, yes
- then the small lion right under the cute turtle (on a sidenote - I really like the turtle)
- below the lion there is that little guy with the crown of leafs, you can even see his shoulders and his torso and guess his legs
- the curious guy on the right upper side (formed by some lighter leafs) that watches the scenery, I can see he's wearing some kind of hat or the like
- the yellow leafs form a huge screaming alien-like face
- the aliens mouth and the torso part of the leaf-crown guy form an ape's face (the ape pokes out his tongue or munches a leaf - you decide)
- the right alien eye forms a sunglass-wearing grinning smiley

I'll stop here, I got work to do Thanks for sharing, great picture!!!
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