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Not sure that this will qualify, but I've been playing around with this photo tonight for another forum and thought it might barely qualify for ours.

I watched these balls being made, so I did at one time see the "fluidity" of it.:blah:

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Very beautiful photo.
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nhmom wrote:
Not sure that this will qualify,...
Glass (or a glassy polymer) is, arguably afluid, like other amorphous solids. But the flow is very, very slow. Once it's properly cool the flow is so slow the shape change is on geological timescales, if it doesn't crystallise first.

The similarity between the curl at the top of this bauble and some of the liquid splashes we have seen is most striking. So this fine shot and the excellent stopped-motion splashes we have seen are beautifully illustrating the two ends of fluid timescales.
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Very nice colors on this one. I guess you could say the fluid is frozen in time

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I was about to say it didn't qualify until I read Alan's comments. What he said about glass being an extremely viscous fluid is true. Glass window panes from very old historic structures has been measured and in all cases found to be thicker at the bottom than at the top.

This is a spectacular photo. I love the colors and patterns. Great work.

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