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Ok, I know this isn't very creative, but when I walked around in my garden today, waiting for the BBQ to heat up, I saw these waterdrops on a leaf. I grabbed my camera and toyed around a bit. Wasn't the best light, wasn't the best lense - but I think my Vivitar 70-210 did a good job here at 210/4 wide open - at least if you take into account that it isn't a macro lense at all. I cropped here and there, postprocessed a little and in the end I found somethink I like.

#1 - waterdrops, the whole crop

#2 - and a 1:1 crop from the picture... I am fascinated by the reflections and the "lense effect"

I can't really keep up with the quality some other people show here with macro waterdrop shots :sad:, but it's a start.

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Beautiful! Feel the exciting, bursting,(surface) tension!

Anyway, who needs a Vivitar 70-210 or a macro lens, when several of your subject droplets have given you good macro shots of the leaf underneath? I bet that sort of thing iswhat inspired van Leeuwenhoek to invent his one-lens microscope, further inspiring Robert Hooke and the Royal Society of London to explore the world of the very small.
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